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2 Queen Standard Room

Non- Smoking

View of 2 Queen Standard Room from entry
Overview of Amenities for 2 Queen Standard Room
View of Restroom in 2 Queen Standard Room
Coffee Tray for 2 Queen Standard Room
Interior view of 2 Queen Standard Room

Our Standard Room with 2 Queen Beds includes amenities such as a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker in every room. Hygenic solutions such as all-tile flooring, hypoallergenic synthetic pillows, and sanitized triple-sheet method bedding complement the biodegradable cruelty-free toiletries and shower products certified by GreenSuites Environmental With ample storage space, we can accommodate the needs of travelers and families alike. Additional amenities include AM/FM clock radios with Bluetooth support and USB charging capability, access to high-speed fiber internet, DirecTV satellite, and access to our outdoor pool facilities.

In-Room Amenities

Coffee/Tea Maker
AM/FM Alarm Clock
Satellite TV
High-speed wireless Internet access
Soft bedding with plush pillows
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